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Rentals from Curtis Violins

Rental Instruments

The first priority for a student instrument is to find one of the appropriate size.

Rental details

Most rentals are school-based, so the fee structure is based per semester. The fall semester includes January, both to even out the sizes of the semesters and to avoid having the end of a rental term coincide with holiday performances.

A portion of the first year rental fee can be applied to the purchase of an instrument. Alternatively, student-quality instruments purchased from me may be traded in for credit towards the purchase of an instrument of equal or greater value.

Payment may be made by check made out to "Claire Curtis Violins", by credit card in-shop only, or online via Paypal.

Scholarship program
We have a scholarship fund so that all students can be provided with instruments, regardless of the parent's financial situation. If you can, please help support this initiative.
Thank you very much for your generosity.

Rental instruments for beginners are selected primarily for playability and a pleasant sound under the ear. As the student progresses, factors such as projection and tone color become more important.

I am happy to work with teachers and students to set up instruments for their needs. An absolute beginner will have different requirements than a student who gives recitals. Needs may change over time, as the student advances in ability (or grows!). A small number of higher quality instruments are available for the more advanced students.


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